Hijabi Haircare 101

On a large facebook group I frequent for Muslim ladies, one of the most commonly asked questions are about hair care ironically. It struck me that sometimes as hijabis, we neglect our hair and at times that leads to dire consequences such as thinning hair, excessive hair loss and just flat and limp hair!

I have put together a selection of tips that have worked for me personally and may be of some benefit to you! Please note that these are not medical recommendations and do consult a doctor for excessive hair-loss and hair-related issues.


We have all been in that situation where you’ve just washed your hair and need to rush out that door but you have to spare a few minutes to dry your hair with a hair-dryer. Wait for your hair to dry! Wet hair under a hijab is a no no for hair health.


Try different hair-styles under your hijab to prevent hair breakage. If opting for a pony or bun hairstyle, ensure your hair-grip is comfortable and loose to ensure you’re not causing unnecessary strain to your roots. Braids are a good way to break up the monotone of pulling your hair back under your hijab.



Try out a shampoo with no SLS, parabens or harsh chemicals and wash your hair less often but under-scarf bonnets more often. Indulge in a weekly hair-care routine of hair masks, conditioning treatments or oil massages to stimulate hair-growth. Grab oil of your choice (castor, coconut and almond are good options) and warm it up slightly. Place a towel around your shoulders and spend 10-15 minutes placing a little oil in your palms and rubbing it to your scalp. Take your time and massage your scalp whilst listening to your favourite playlist or podcast and breathing in and out gratitude for every strand you’ve been blessed with.


Check with your doctor for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and any supplementation you may consider taking. Eat more protein rich foods and those containing iron! See here for recipe suggestions.




I bought in to the hype and got a Tangle Teezer and whilst it was a mostly pain-free way to get rid of tangles; I noticed that it ripped hair out and just did not seem like a hair-kind approach! I ditched the Tangle Teezer and got a regular wooden brush and wide-tooth combs (great for curly hair!) and haven’t looked back since. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of hijab-wearing women don’t brush their hair often as it’s all hidden behind the veil literally but girl, get caring – there is something really relaxing and feminine about dedicating 10 minutes to brushing your hair at night before bed. I love this YouTube channel called Holistic Habits where she talks about good hair care health and shares her tips. Check it out by clicking here.

Hope this post has been of some help! Share your haircare tips below in the comments 🙂



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