Muslim Kids Netflix? WHAT?!

Before I had the blessing of becoming a mother, I *thought* I had my motherhood style figured out. I knew that my kids would only be fed home-cooked meals made with love, their clothes would be pure cotton or linen, they would be home-educated in a far away exotic land where we would be living off-grid completely self-sufficient and in tune with nature technology-free. Fast forward a few years and well, some of those things ring true – we are living abroad (Turkey could be considered exotic and far-away!), home-educating and eat mostly home-cooked meals with organic veg when possible!

We aren’t quite technology-free or self sufficient because living far away has meant technology has become somewhat essential and necessary – a way of communicating with family and the greater virtual community at large. Living away from family alongside home-educating can sometimes be tricky to manage. How do I get the cooking and cleaning and the list of chores awaiting me? My daughter often reads as her form of entertainment but with her reading speed; we often find ourselves already needing another trip to the library to stock up. Side note: my daughter reviews books she reads on her blog if you would like to check it out, click here. So sometimes, I am slightly ashamed to admit, that although we don’t own a television and never have. I occasionally turn to Netflix or YouTube to source meaningful or educational videos my daughter can watch whilst I get the cooking done. However, there isn’t much out there that is something I am comfortable with her watching and even if we do manage to find something on YouTube, I find the adverts can become a bit of a nuisance!

Long story cut short – enter ALI HUDA TV, dubbed Muslim Kids Netflix! I was offered an opportunity to review this an ad-free subscription based service, similar to Netflix that has a variety of shows catering to age. I like that we can search for shows according to age or content (Arabic, Nasheeds etc). Our favourite shows currently are ‘Mini Reflections’ and ‘Everything Kids’.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 09.06.04

It is also available on multiple devices including iPhone and iPad as well as Android – which makes it ideal for travelling!

Interested? You can sign up for a 7 day free trial and get 50% off your first month (just $3.98 for the first month and $7.95 after) by using code: NOMADIC. All you need to do is go and scroll to the bottom to sign up for the trial and enter code: NOMADIC

Disclaimer: I was given a free trial for purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own. The code is an affiliate code




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