5 skin-care tips!


As cold winter days approach, I find myself thinking about my often-neglected skin-care regime. I have noticed the difference in my skin when I make a conscious effort to make time to care for it. My skin has phases – too oily, too dry, break-outs, and all the other problems skin can face. However, the following steps have helped me to improve my skin.



Drink your way to good skin. The cold winter days combined with harsh central heating can leave your skin feeling dry and rough. Think green (kale!) smoothies, hot water with lemon in the morning and coconut water – the goodness will shine out of the pores of your skin. There are many (free) apps out there to remind you to drink more, or to help you keep a record of how much water you are drinking throughout the day.







On the days I wear make-up or travel around the city/public transport, I find my skin needs more TLC and cleansing – it almost feels like the pollution sticks to your pores. I have used wipes, exfoliating scrubs, micellar water, and the like, but nothing comes as close to removing all the dirt from my face as oil cleansing does. The internet is full of different ways and methods to oil cleanse, but I’ll share my own way of doing it I take a little of my oil of choice of oil (jojoba, sesame, olive, or sweet almond) into my hand and start massaging my face. I take my washcloth (preferably made of organic cotton or bamboo) and soak it under warm water for a few seconds. I wring it ever so slightly and place it on my face for a few seconds (get those pores opening up!). Then wipe away the oil, and repeat the process again – you will be surprised how much dirt comes off!  I do this every other night.


Yes, we constantly hear it everywhere – moisture, moisture, moisture. It is the key to avoiding dehydrated skin. I have pretty dry and sensitive skin so the moisturisers are best suited to people with a similar skin type. Of course, you should shop around until you find what suits your own skin best. I have experimented over the years and now have a few favourites:

Weleda: Skin Food (click on the photos to be taken to the Amazon page):

I use this moisturiser as part of my night-time skin care ritual twice a week. It is super thick and very hydrating. It is best applied patted on to the skin rather than rubbed. You only need a small amount, and this smells delicious!

 Body Shop Hemp Face Protector

I love this light-weight but intensive facial moisturiser. You only need a tiny amount on your face to keep it hydrated all day. This would be a great winter purchase! Not as yummy smelling but I quite like it!

Evening Primrose Oil

This is by far my favourite oil ever! It really helped calm down the redness on my face. I cut open a capsule and rub the oil on my face nightly . My skin is still soft and moisturised, when I wake up and my skin tone has really evened out.

DIY Facial Toners: I use rosewater on a cotton pad and rub over my skin – smells great!

For a more intensive toner, I use diluted apple cider vinegar with some water on a cotton pad. Be sure to do a skin patch test and avoid your eye area!




This one needs no explanation. Get your beauty sleep!



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There are books and articles that tell you how to eat your way to good skin. Some days my skin feels like my diet inside out – it mirrors what I eat. If I eat junk, I look ‘junk’! Some people report that giving up dairy helped managed their break-outs and acne. Find what works for you and your skin. Look for triggers that affect your skin – Spicy food? Too much sugar? Get yourself feeling and looking good by eating well.


What are your favourite ways to look after your skin?


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