Alternatives to bread

Bread. Such a fundamental part of our day, whether it is the morning toast or the humble lunch sandwich you’ve bought or just a baguette to have with your soup for dinner.

Over the years, bread (and more, specifically gluten) has had a bad rep. It gets pretty overwhelming as what we now eat isn’t just a simple flour, water, yeast thing. There are all sorts of preservatives and other ugly sounding ingredients listed on a supermarket bought bag of bread.

Nevertheless, it is nice to know there are alternatives that exist to spread your spread over.

Alternatives to bread


These crunchy round biscuits provide a great surface for spreading nut butters, jam, hummus and whatever else floats your boat. They are fairly simple to make but are also readily available in most supermarkets. I have tried a few brands but prefer Nairns, who also conveniently have an extensive gluten free range.

Lettuce Wraps

A bag of little cute gem lettuce won’t set you back too much. Break the lettuce in to individual lettuces (You know what I mean, don’t ya?) And voila – place your choice of filling and eat away. Portion control and a nice crunch. You can’t go wrong there.




There are lots of gluten-free alternatives to make these crepes that have wrap like qualities. Sweet, savoury, flexible and one’s that are a little tougher. Click for my favourite crepe recipes from one of my favourite websites: Green Kitchen Stories

There are many other creative alternatives from gluten-free cauliflower bread to cloud bread to using a sliced round of sweet potato as the ‘bun’ for your burger. So get thinking out of your bread box and explore.

Sweet Potato Toast

Yes, literally sweet potato toast. This involves slicing a sweet potato in about 1/4 inch thick slices and putting in the toaster at high heat (maybe a few times to ensure it is fully cooked!). See more details here at: Nutrition Stripped




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