Food and Travel

I sometimes cannot believe I haven’t documented more of the food across my travels in the Middle East. Travelling has opened up the food world to me, introduced me to new flavours and spices and combinations. The tart, red dust from berries called Sumac that Damascus introduced me to, as a topping on a Fattoush salad. It … More Food and Travel

Ramadhan Drinks

With Ramadhan around the corner, I thought I would share a few of my favourite and simple drink recipes Date and Tahini Shake (serves 3-4) 3 cups milk of choice  10 dates (medjool or sukary dates work best) 2 tablespoons of tahini (you can substitute with almond butter) 1 teaspoon cinnamon Optional (ice) Blend all … More Ramadhan Drinks


  A few months ago, we had the blessing to find ourselves at the tomb of Mevlana Rumi. A place I have longed to visit after reading a book of Rumi’s poetry I bought in Waterstones many moons ago.  We boarded a high speed train at the newly built Ankara Rail Station for a 2 hour … More Konya

Stories of teas (and how to make the perfect cup of masala chai)

Over the years, we have been exposed to our fair share of teas in many places, beyond the English cuppa. There was the little tulip shaped glass which contained more sugar than tea (usually Lipton or Ceylon) served in the alleyways of Zainabiyya, Damascus. On other occasions, we sipped floral herbal teas, a blend of wild … More Stories of teas (and how to make the perfect cup of masala chai)

Midas Touch Craft – Natural Beauty Product Making DIY Workshop Review

I found myself queuing up outside Queensborough Community Centre on a cold Sunday morning, my body still adjusting to being back on the cold, British soil. On my left, a little playground on an estate, and on my right, not much. In front of me, a group of eager but recently awoken women chattering about … More Midas Touch Craft – Natural Beauty Product Making DIY Workshop Review

5 skin-care tips!

As cold winter days approach, I find myself thinking about my often-neglected skin-care regime. I have noticed the difference in my skin when I make a conscious effort to make time to care for it. My skin has phases – too oily, too dry, break-outs, and all the other problems skin can face. However, the following … More 5 skin-care tips!

Nature journaling 101

We have recently discovered the joys of nature journaling in our home education journey. Nature journaling is all about observation, documenting what you see around you (vegetation, trees, animals etc) and your feelings, to put it quite simply. There are many forms that a nature journal can take, and many resources available online, that I … More Nature journaling 101